NA plot with bungalow

Collection NA, townplanning approved residential NA plot with bungalow of your selection along with typical Kokani Plantation as a complete package.

Returns on investment

We at Brahmagiri believe that no aspect of your investment in your Farmhouse should be a dead investment and that is why we provide you a platform for getting generous Returns on your Investment in the Farmhouse.


Brahmagiri a unique Management Development Centre provides you with the opportunity of getting generous returns on your investment.

What you get at Brahmagiri

Brahmagiri, you can stay in your house as and when you want to. During the time you are not staying, you have the option of renting your Bungalow for Management Development Programs. Thus you get to earn a sizable amount of revenue through renting your Bungalow when you are not staying in it.

The activity is managed by Brahmagiri Resorts, which has taken adequate steps to make Brahmagiri an ideal Management Development Centre (MDC) for successful implementation of Management Development Programs (MDP).

Party lawn & Amphitheater

Celebrate family functions and get together's on the spacious party lawn.The Amphitheater is perfect for private concerts and cultural programmes like ‘Kathaa-kathan’.


A completely fortified structure with cctv surveillance

Campfire Hut

Enjoy a singing session around the campfire under the starlit sky.

Adventure Sports

A completely fortified structure with cctv surveillance


Brahmagiri Resort boasts of a well appointed restaurant which can serve you authentic veg and non veg Maharashtrian as well as North Indian cuisine. Relish fresh fish delicacies in the season besides exclusive dishes from the heart of Kokan.

Community hall

An expansive community hall on the premises is suitable not only for large group get together's but also corporate events.

Swimming pool

Coming Soon


24X7 Water Supply Independent water supply scheme for Brahmagiri