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Nothing clears a troubled mind better than aiming and then shooting. You just need the courage to do these high adrenaline activities


When was the last time you felt your breath, up and close. Got to try out an ancient sport like Archery.

You might have watched on television or Live, professional players doing it. You must have been hearing about thisin stories of Mythology, history. Want to try it for your self? Here is your chance to experience the thrill, take a deep breath ,and listen for that satisfying THWACK of your arrow hitting it's target. It might take time but you will hit the target, if you keep trying at it. and then feel the sense of achievement. Whole lot of FUN and thrill.!!


Stare down the barrel of Gun, Aim and push the trigger. Live the excitement, This activity involves shooting over a distance of 10 meters from a standing position with a 4.5 mm caliber air rifle with a maximum weight of 5.5 kg. There is a target which has been color coded to signify points, the highest being at the bulls eye which is dead center. Our trained marshal advises you on the best form and methods for shooting.


Ever felt like standing on top of a cliff while screaming your lungs out, or fly high in the sky like a free bird? You have seen others do it, but never had the courage to do such things yourself. Happens more commonly than you think.

Many are repressed because of fears that have become a part of their mental makeup. Something seems to hold you back even from imagining such feats – FEAR! The fear of taking decisions, the fear of doing something new, or even the fear of travelling alone, the fear of making a fool of yourself, etc. The good news is, you can overcome all such fears with a fun-filled aerial zipline ride. It’s psychological and you gotta try it to believe it. Happiness is guaranteed!


Rappelling, generally known as “to rope down” is done over a natural rock face that brings a powerful sense of accomplishment and is a vital source in bringing about the realization that not every perceived risk is undefeatable. The natural environment and the remoteness of location that Empower takes you to enhance the challenge you accept when you take up this activity.

Confidence building, fear management, trust, risk taking capability is determined. We introduce rappelling activity with information about climbing and rappelling equipment like gloves, helmets, harnesses, rappelling ropes etc.. We give a fair demonstration of rappelling techniques and safety systems followed with attempts by participants. Fifteen minutes per head is the time we give which individual effectiveness & a sense of achievement.


A semblance of improvised bridges used in Burma – a land full of water channels and rivers. This is a bridge that consists of a thick rope for walking upon, and two ropes to hold on to.

The bridge stretches across a gorge. Here its a semblance of the river. Its anchored on to artificial structures with a pond below, which is filled with water only during the monsoons. You are ready to cross when you have put on the harness and connected yourself to the safety rope. All that remains is a suspended walk in natural surroundings.An exciting activity for those willing to try something new.